Anxiety is a common problem experienced by children, adolescents and adults. Anxiety and fear are a necessary and normal part of life.  Some level of anxiety is helpful and important to our survival. It keeps us safe from danger and some level of anxiety optimizes our performance of challenging tasks.

Anxiety becomes a problem when it interferes with your enjoyment and quality of life.


Three components of anxiety are:

Thoughts  Thinking something bad will happen and that you will not be able to cope.

Physical The body prepares itself for action in response to a perceived danger. You may experience an increase in heart rate, rapid breathing, tense muscles, sweating, and/or nausea.

Behaviour These physical changes prepare your body to either run away or fight. This behavioural response is known as the “fight or flight response”. Children may become fidgety, teary or even aggressive. Avoidance of situations that make you anxious typically occurs.


North Shore Child Psychology uses cognitive behaviour therapy and mindfulness strategies to target all three components of anxiety.

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